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Jon Jerlström Hultqvist, Post Doctoral Fellow

After completing a Master Science in Biotechnology at Uppsala University I joined the lab of Prof. Staffan Svärd at Uppsala University in Sweden. In 2012 I earned a Ph.D. in Microbiology on genomics, transcriptomics and cell biology of Diplomonads (Spironucleus and Giardia). The following year I started a Post Doc in the group of Prof. Dan Andersson at Uppsala University on experimental approaches to investigate the impact of lateral gene transfer in antibiotic resistance and metabolism in E. coli. I joined the Roger Lab in September 2016 for my second Post Doc.

Research Interests:

Development of genetic tools in microbial eukaryotes
Research on microbial eukaryotes has been greatly facilitated by the introduction of next generation sequencing techniques. However, the development of genetic systems to establish the function of genes has been more difficult to realize in many organims. One of my interests is to develop novel systems for transfection in protists with the intention to enable functional studies of genes and proteins.

Genomics of protists
To date, the main focus of the sequencing revolution has been on a limited set of eukaryotes mostly consisting of animals, plants, fungi and parasites of these. However, the vast majority of eukaryote diversity is microbial and free-living and to fully appreciate the path to parasitism we need to sample the genomes of these organims. I seek to obtain genome information from a diverse set of poorly sampled organisms, some of which are related to significant parasites in humans and animals.

Adaptation to an ananerobic life-style in eukaryotes
The ancestor of all eukaryotes was a free-living organism with aerobic mitochondrial metabolism. Many eukaryotic parasites have adapted to living in oxygen-deprived environments of their hosts with a reduction in the metabolic capacity as a result. Interestingly, free-living relatives to parasites can be found in oxygen-poor niches such as ponds and marine sediments. My research focused on understanding the tempo, mode and mechanisms of these adaptations, especially in the form of lateral gene transfer and gene duplication.


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Invited Publications:

    Ankarklev J., Jerlström Hultqvist J., Ringqvist E., Troell K., Svärd S.G. 2010. Behind the smile: cell biology and disease mechanisms of Giardia species. Nat Rev Microbiol. 8(6):413-22.
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Book Chapter:

    Anaerobic Parasitic Protozoa: Genomics and Molecular Biology Book, Chapter 2 The Genome of Giardia and Other Diplomonads (2010) Andersson J.O., Jerlström Hultqvist J., Svärd S.G.

    You can reach Jon at:
    Work Phone: (+1) 902-494-2881
    Fax: (+1) 902-494-1355
    E-mail: jon{dot}jerlstromhultqvist{at}dal{dot}ca