Teaching & Administration

I am currently Associate Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and coordinate the department's weekly seminar series.

I am involved in the following courses:

BIOC 3400.03—Nucleic Acid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
I am Course Coordinator and contribute approximately one third of the lectures for the course (nucleic acids, restriction enzymes, recombinant DNA, DNA sequencing, basic gene/genome structure, transcription, chromatin).

BIOC 4610/5610.06—Advanced Laboratory in Biochemical Techniques
I teach the DNA Sequencing Module, a four-week course covering the basics of automated DNA sequencing using "thermal cycle sequencing" and capillary DNA sequencers. We also cover basic bioinformatic techniques for computer-based DNA sequence analysis.

BIOC 5910/5913.06—Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Seminar
Course Coordinator and instructor for the graduate student mini-symposium portion of this course.

I also provide/have provided guest lectures for the following courses:

BIOC 4010/5010.03—Bioinformatics
For the past three years I have given a guest lecture on "phylogenetic systematics"

BIOC 4403/5403.03—Genes & Genomes
In 2004 I gave two lectures on the use of bioinformatics in genome analysis






Last updated: December 28, 2007